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Review – The Knockturnal

Dallas BBQ Adds Four New Items To Their Menu And They Are Tasty!

February 10, 2017

Get your eating shirt on because you need to try these new items

Dallas BBQ is a family-run restaurant that has provided New York City with delicious and authentic BBQ for over 30 years.  Having locations within four of the five boroughs, Dallas BBQ is the place that everyone knows to go to if they’re in the mood for good, homey BBQ with a side of fun and tasty drinks.  On Tuesday, Dallas BBQ hosted an event to debut their three new food items along with their new Valentine’s Day drink.

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The first item that they were debuting was their Dallas BBQ Chicken and Waffles.  Chicken and waffles is such a staple southern comfort food so we were excited to try it out.  The dish features three pieces of fried chicken, the wing, a boneless thigh, and a boneless breast.  It comes with a delicious cheddar and scallion waffle and is served with Dallas BBQ’s famous sticky sauce.  The chicken was crispy on the outside, moist on the inside and the heat from the seasoning in the chicken was balanced out nicely with the sticky sauce.  And the waffle was a great feature too because who doesn’t like a nice savory and buttery waffle to go along with their fried chicken?

The next dish they were serving was the sriracha chicken sandwich.  This dish is made with a whole breast of fried chicken with lettuce, tomato, pickles, with a potato roll.  The dish is then topped with a Texas Peddle sauce and a sweet sriracha sauce.  This dish was packed with flavor.  The sriracha sauce had a little heat but was balanced out with the sweetness inside that same sauce.  There was a nice vary of textured with the chicken and the roll too.  The Texas Peddle sauce added a good amount of acidity to the dish so it didn’t get boring after a while.  Overall, this dish was a very good and flavorful dish.

Their third dish is called The Healthy Bowl which is a spinach salad topped with red cabbage, mushrooms, quinoa, avocado, kidney beans, and tomatoes.  It is then finished off with either grilled shrimp, salmon, steak, or rotisserie chicken.  The salad was a good salad.  Had a nice combination of textures and paired with the choice of meat made it stand out from other boring and dull salads.

And the last thing that they are adding their menu is their new Valentine’s Day drink called The Kinky Shades of Love.  The drink is a combination of a Strawberry Long Island Iced Tea, strawberry pina colada, and the traditional pina colada.  It is served with a shot of Red Alize and an upside down mini bottle of Moscato sparkling wine.  This drink was basically an alcoholic slushie filled with strawberry and coconut flavors which is something we think is amazing.  This drink was sweet, colorful, and such a fun time to drink.